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At the Law Office of Katelyn R. Durment, Attorney Durment provides skilled, compassionate legal services to individuals going through one of the most painful situations there is – separation and divorce. Whether you are going through contested vs. uncontested divorce, you need a zealous advocate willing to do everything possible to protect your interests. Learn how Attorney Durment works tirelessly for her clients throughout the divorce process.

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Corona divorce attorney Katelyn R. Durment welcomes clients from throughout the Inland Empire. If you live in Corona, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, Murrieta, Temecula, San Diego, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Winchester, Wildomar, Romoland, Sun City, San Jacinto, Perris, or Homeland, Attorney Durment can represent you throughout the divorce process.

Overview of Divorce Proceedings From Initial Filing to Final Judgment

To get divorced, you need to make an initial filing in court stating the grounds for divorce, such as irreconcilable differences. The party who initiates is called the petitioner, and their spouse is called the respondent.

You’ll then need to serve the papers to your spouse and allow them to respond in court. Next, you must either come to agreement on issues including custody, support, and property division, or litigate the matters in court. Uncontested divorces are simpler and cost less, but require you and your ex to come to agreement on all aspects of the divorce. Contested divorces, when you cannot come to agreement, can drag on in court and rack up expensive legal fees. Yet, not all divorcing parties can come to agreement peaceably.

In California, the state allows you and your ex to divide assets fairly; however, if you cannot come to mutual agreement regarding your assets, the Superior Court will divide marital assets for you, 50-50. Whether you have an uncontested or contested divorce, it’s helpful to have an attorney with whom you can talk throughout the process and who advocates for you.

Once you have an agreement or finish the litigation process, you must wait for the divorce decree to finalize, at which point you are officially divorced!

Get Help from a Trusted Divorce Attorney in Corona

For over 5 years, Attorney Durment has practiced family law. She brings compassion, grit, and dedication to every case to help all of her clients move through this difficult time in their lives. Learn more about the attorney’s services and enjoy a free new client consultation by calling 951-941-8884 today.

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